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Surface Transportation Planning

General Resources

ITS/Operations Guide (2006)
The U.S. Department of Transportation's “ITS/Operations Guide 2006” is a comprehensive listing of more than 400 documents, websites, training courses, software tools, and points of contact related to ITS.
National Intelligent Transportation Systems Program Plan: A Ten-Year Vision (2002) (PDF 149kb)
An in-depth study of the policies, programs and players that will drive the future of ITS. The study was prepared by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America in cooperation with the United States Department of Transportation.
Operational Responses to Climate Change Impacts (PDF 254kb)
Transportation Research Board
As climate-induced changes take place, a key challenge of the transportation community will be integrating the three basic streams of systems operations development into an integrated all-hazard approach to accommodate the full range of incidents. This report examines those activities.
Planning for Operations
Federal Highway Administration
Planning for Operations is a joint effort between operations and planning that encompasses the important institutional underpinnings needed for effective Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations. Planning for Operations includes three important aspects:
  1. Regional transportation operations collaboration and coordination activity that facilitates Regional Transportation Systems Management and Operations,
  2. Management and operations considerations within the context of the ongoing regional transportation planning and investment process, and
  3. The opportunities for linkage between regional operations collaboration and regional planning.
Real-World CO2 Impacts of Traffic Congestion (2007) (PDF 409kb)
Transportation Research Board
This paper examines traffic congestion and its impact on CO2 emissions using detailed energy and emission models and linking them to real-world driving patterns and traffic conditions.
Transit Signal Priority (TSP) Overview (2004)
A high-level document that explains what TSP is, why it is important, what the benefits are, and the important issues surrounding the topic. The audience is policy setters, decision-makers, and high-level program managers as well as traffic engineers and public transit planners.