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Transportation's Role in Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Webinar: DOT Report to Congress, "Transportation's Role in Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions"
Date: Occurred Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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You are invited to participate in a webinar on the U.S. Department of Transportation's new report to Congress, "Transportation's Role in Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions." The report analyzes greenhouse gas emission levels and trends from all modes of transportation in the United States. It then examines the full range of strategies available to reduce transportation GHGs. These strategies include introducing low-carbon fuels, increasing vehicle fuel economy, improving transportation system efficiency, and reducing carbon-intensive travel activity. While the report does not provide recommendations, it does analyze five categories of policy options for implementing the strategies: an economy-wide price signal, efficiency standards, market incentives, transportation planning and investment programs, and research and development. Authors of the report will discuss its key findings, followed by time for questions and discussion.


Introductory remarks:

Beth Osborne, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy

Linda Lawson, Co-Chair of the US. DOT Center for Climate Change and Environmental Forecasting and Director of the Office of Safety, Energy, and Environment in the Office of the Secretary of Transportation

Key findings:

John Davies, Environmental Protection Specialist, Federal Highway Administration

Joanne Potter, Principal, Cambridge Systematics

Tina Hodges, Program Analyst, Federal Transit Administration

A.J. Singletary, Environmental Policy Analyst, Office of the Secretary of Transportation

Members of the research team from each of the DOT modes will also be available for questions and discussion, including Mike Johnsen of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Angel Jackson of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Chris Porter of Cambridge Systematics, JoAnna Smith of the Research & Innovative Technology Administration, Sandra Newcomer of the Federal Railroad Administration, and Aimee Fisher or Lourdes Maurice of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Questions? Please contact Tina Hodges at 202-366-4287.

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