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Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse

State/Local Climate Action Plans

Climate Action Plans

State Climate Action Plans Database
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
This interactive map contains links to the Climate Change Action Plans for 21 states. By clicking on a specific state on the map, you can see the Climate Change Recommendations, broken down by 8 economic sectors - Agriculture and Forestry, Commercial, Cross-Sectoral Climate Change Initiatives or Programs, Industrial, Power Generation, Residential, Transportation, and Waste. Also shown are the results of the implemented actions, shown as estimates of reductions in the state's greenhouse gas emissions.
U.S. Climate Policy Action
The Center for Climate Strategies
This site provides an interactive map that shows climate action plans underway or completed by U.S. states since 2000, many through CCS processes. The Center for Climate Strategies (CCS) has worked with more than 20 states to design comprehensive state climate action plans aimed at significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Mitigation action plans include state-specific strategies for reducing greenhouse gases from the transportation sector. This site provides a range of transportation and land use policy options considered by numerous states as part of their climate change planning process (PDF 190kb). CCS is a nonpartisan, nonprofit service organization that works with public officials, stakeholders, and technical experts to develop and implement comprehensive policies for reducing pollution from greenhouse.
State Action Maps (March 2008)
The PEW Center on Global Climate Change
This site hosts links to State Action Maps, broken down into the Climate Action and Energy, Transportation, and Building Sectors. By clicking on a specific topic, you can see the policies, recommendations, actions, and project states are undertaking to address Climate Change.
Climate Change Initiatives and Programs in the States
The PEW Center on Global Climate Change
This checklist chart breaks down the climate actions and activities of each U.S. state by sector: Energy, Transportation, and Building. This chart provides a general overview of the actions that each state is taking to address Climate Change.
The Role of Transportation Demand Management and Other Transportation Strategies in State Climate Action Plans (2007) (PDF 614kb)
Association of Commuter Transportation Demand Management Review
A growing number of states are drafting plans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and incorporating transportation strategies as a key element of these plans. This article looks at the basic process for drafting state climate action plans, and the role of transportation strategies—including Transportation Demand Management (TDM)—in these plans.

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